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About Us

MD MedCare was founded in 2013 and due to COVID- 19 has recently gone under a re-branding phase with a "NEW CONCEPT". We are now an online asessment platform for compression and medical braces and we have added an additional service using our clinic as cannabis and CBD educators and connecting clients to alternative medicine such and CBD (flower, tinctures, creams, edibles, extraction) and Medical Cannabis ( Flower, edibles, extraction ) from legal qualified Health Canada producers.

Our service will be focusing on giving clients a full educational platform to understand cannabis and if it is a right fit for you. This will help guide consumers to make an educated decision when ordering from confusing sites such as the Ontario Cannabis Store.

We want this to be an holistics platform where we assess a clients "needs" and "medical ailments" and make recommedations based off of that. We will connect you with a MedCare health advisor and a medical cannabis physician who specializes in your ailments. Our assessment looks at the cannabis plant as a helpful tool that could really benefit an individual, and simultaneously helps us flag high risk individuals that are mentally unstable and continue to use cannabis unknowingly of its indirect harm of causing cannabis induced-psychosis.

We look at very important value aspects that looks and addresses mental health and social factors rather than treating patients for just their symptoms of a disease.

Once your full profile is assessed and completed, in 24-48 hours, we will have a personal report and a list of recommended products from Health Canada producers. You can consult with an MD MedCare health advisor to fully understand the results from your assessment. Your order will be sent to a trusted Health Canada providers so they can prepare your order.

Added features to having a customer profile with us is It allows you to stay current with the latest product releases, order from various providers under one roof, and promotional deals to name a few.

Email us today to discover a new you! @mdmedcare1@gmail.com.

Alternative Focus to Pain management